Past & Upcoming Box Themes

We don't want to ruin the surprise, but here is a little jump ahead at what to expect in upcoming months 

Wild Medicine Boxes...

August Sweet Dreams

Rest and recover from the busy summer months with Augusts's Sweet Dreams Wild Medicine Box. This box includes herbal remedies used through the ages to calm the mind & body and encourage restful sleep. 

September Wild First Aid

This month we chose a theme that includes basic first aid and light wound care. As moms, gardeners & travelers we know there is always an opportunity to reach into the first aid kit, and we want to make sure what you are reaching for is natural and chemical free. 

October Wild Healers

Sneak peek of our October Wild Medicine Box, themed Wild Healers. This Box includes an assortment of 3 herbs (each box will vary on which herbs), a mortar & pestle, essential oil, & a DIY oil infusion kit. It also includes our booklet on the top healing herbs and their uses.