Wild Medicine Box

Take care of you and the ones you love with a Wild Medicine Herbal Healing Box  from Tamed Wild Apothecary. Each box includes old world remedies known through the ages to cure your mind, body & spirit. Choose from our full Wild Medicine Box, Mini Medicine Box or Full Box + Crystal Upgrade.

Each Wild Medicine Box for Herbal Healing contains 4-6 old world herbal healing items, including full size products from our Apothecary. Our kits are created around a theme of a common ailment and provide an assortment of natural alternatives to modern medicinal options. Each delivery will include a reference card with information on each product and its uses. 

Our Wild Crystals Box includes 5-8 carefully curated crystals, minerals & stones with an accompanying information card for each crystal. Box extras are always included and can vary from smudges, incense, jewelry & other like products.

Each box is curated with care, put together with love & delivered on time. We appreciate each and very one of our clients and are honored to be a part of your journey.